Utsikter från en balkong i Varberg


Posted in Datorer by Martin Bagge / brother on 23/3 2011

So I prepared my dinner and just thought I’ll see some of my subbed vids from youtube. Fail.

Every single try ended up in buffer hell.

To document the things I went to the #familjen IRC channel and took notes, this is the log of the buffer hell of youtube.

[20:22:19] <@brother> ska just klicka på den här i min subbox:
[20:22:21] <@brother> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfR8LgthEnA
[20:22:21] <rosa> YouTube: Nixie's Sorta Sing Along Blog (3m18s)
[20:22:27] <@brother> nu buffrar den
[20:22:43] <@brother> nu spelar den
[20:22:46] <@brother> inte buffrat klart
[20:22:51] <@brother> nu pausade den för buffring
[20:22:59] <@brother> tiden visar 0:02/3:18
[20:23:02] <@brother> buffrar
[20:23:31] <@brother> 20:25:45 har den buffrat längre tid än klippet varar
[20:23:43] <@brother> spelar
[20:23:47] <@brother> paus
[20:23:51] <@brother> 0:07
[20:25:08] <@brother> ...
[20:25:15] <@brother> snart buffrat hela sin speltid
[20:25:17] <@brother> spelar!
[20:25:22] <@brother> paus
[20:25:30] <@brother> men den har mer i buffern enligt mätarn
[20:26:02] <@brother> spelar!
[20:26:27] <@brother> pausade nyss på 0:17 för övrigt
[20:27:11] <@brother> så
[20:27:17] <@brother> paus
[20:27:19] <@brother> 0:23
[20:30:05] <@brother> vill se till 0:30 iaf men det verkar inte gå
[20:30:25] <@brother> avbryter nu
[20:30:29] <@brother> har fått min logg iaf

So this is in Swedish and if any international readers by any chance sees this I’ll translated the important bits.

At 20:22:27 I started buffering. The clip being 3 minutes and 18 seconds long would give that it should be buffered and seen at 20:25:45. At 20:27:17 It had auto paused five times and I had only seen 23 seconds of the clip. This is sooo freaking bad.

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