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An assigment from IRC

Posted in diverse, lxde by Martin Bagge / brother on 16/9 2010

So I spend some time every day at IRC, mainly not doing anything important. One of the channels I spend alot of time in is #lxde at irc.oftc.net where we discuss the development of LXDE. Tonightthere was not too much going on in the channel and this ”mark76” came around and apperantly posted a line not intended for me but I picked it up. See the log below. These things happen, this is one of the reasons why IRC is nice. (time stamps in CEST)

[18:47:46] �� maces (~maces___@pD9FFC53C.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #lxde
[18:47:59] <maces> hi @all
[18:49:38] <mark76> Hel-loooooooooo maces
[18:50:24] <mark76> 🙂
[20:40:33] <mark76> I’m logged in
[20:40:40] <brother-> correct
[20:40:50] <brother-> next assignment is behind a door
[20:40:53] <mark76> NO, that wasn’t for you
[20:40:54] <brother-> what do you do?
[20:41:03] <brother-> =)
[20:41:04] <mark76> Look
[20:41:19] <brother-> you see a door
[20:42:13] <mark76> Open door
[20:42:38] <brother-> the door swings open.
[20:42:50] <mark76> N
[20:43:43] <brother-> it’s pitch black, it’s unwise to continue N without knowing anything about the surrondings. are you sure?
[20:44:04] <mark76> S
[20:44:20] <brother-> you are back out of the pitch black room. the door is still open
[20:44:26] <mark76> Inventory
[20:44:34] <brother-> 1 hacksaw
[20:44:42] <brother-> 1 elderly grandparent
[20:44:45] <brother-> 1 lighter
[20:44:50] <brother-> 1 newspaper
[20:45:03] <mark76> Use lighter
[20:45:43] <brother-> a nice warm light spreads infront of you. you feel like magic touch is coming from somewhere
[20:45:52] <mark76> N
[20:46:27] <brother-> you enter the room and notice the torch on the wall right infront of you
[20:46:36] <mark76> Take torch
[20:47:03] <brother-> after some struggle the torch is bent down from it’s place on the wall and firmly lies in your hands
[20:47:12] <mark76> Use lighter on torch
[20:47:54] <brother-> the torch is apperantly not really too new and has a hard time springin to life. the room now fills with a nice warm light
[20:48:21] <mark76> Examine room
[20:49:12] <brother-> to the west you see a desk and a chair, there appears to be some books on the desk and alot of drawers in the desk. just north of the desk is a nice arm chair with a side board stuffed with fine scotch
[20:49:26] <brother-> to the east is a door. it’s looked.
[20:49:34] <mark76> west
[20:49:49] <brother-> you approach the desk
[20:49:55] <mark76> Open drawers
[20:50:30] <brother-> some of the drawers were empty. it’s kinda odd. you find a pint in a cup board above the desk
[20:50:53] <brother-> you find  the ”Introduction to programming for X11” on the desk
[20:51:12] <brother-> other than that the drawers hold shit and is not worth anything
[20:51:26] <mark76> Take pint
[20:51:46] <brother-> you oick up the pint. it will most certainly become handy if you need to drink something
[20:51:55] <mark76> Take book
[20:52:25] <brother-> you pick up the book. spending a night with some drinks and reading about window manager systems can not be a bad idea
[20:53:02] <mark76> East
[20:53:14] <brother-> you approach the door
[20:53:21] <mark76> North
[20:53:45] <brother-> you approch the wall where the torch is sitting
[20:53:51] <mark76> Look
[20:54:11] <brother-> you look around and se the nice and warm chair in the NW corner
[20:54:16] <mark76> NW
[20:54:29] <brother-> you approach the chair and the side board
[20:54:37] <mark76> Open sideboard
[20:55:09] <brother-> the doors swing open and a wide selection of scotch and cold beer (how come?) lie in front of you
[20:56:13] <mark76> Take scotch
[20:56:44] <brother-> you pick a fine 15 year old single malt. weight the bottle in your hand. ”this will be a good start”
[20:56:54] <mark76> Use scotch on grandparent
[20:57:28] <brother-> the grand parent springs to life. starts chatting about the war and asking about the latest in knitting
[20:57:44] <mark76> Use newspaper on grandparent
[20:58:28] <brother-> you unfold the newspaper and wrap it around the head of the soking grand parent. a sudden stop of chatting is just a minor glitch before it continues but a much lower volume
[20:58:42] <mark76> Use lighter on newspaper 🙂
[20:59:24] <brother-> WOOOOSH! the newspaper, now soking wet of alcohol, becomes a fireball. the chatting grand parent is at least silent
[20:59:33] <mark76> Look
[21:00:17] <mark76> Now I feel sorry for the grandparent I’ve just immolated
[21:00:19] <brother-> you see a black pile of flesh at the floor just beside the chair
[21:00:42] <brother-> you sob for a while contemplating the next step
[21:01:01] <mark76> USe hacksaw on desk
[21:01:36] <brother-> in a spring of destructive violence you chop the desk up to pieces.
[21:01:45] <mark76> Use torch on desk
[21:02:16] <brother-> you try to put the desk pile to fire but in vain. it won’t take on
[21:02:25] <mark76> Use scotch on desk
[21:02:41] <brother-> you pour the rest of the scotch over the desk pile
[21:02:48] <mark76> Use torch on desk
[21:03:17] <brother-> WOOOSH! the pile of wood and alcohol become a flaming fireball. the heat is horrible -2 hp
[21:03:33] <mark76> Sit in chair
[21:03:57] <brother-> to get away from the fire you sit down in the arm chair. a place for rest
[21:04:26] <mark76> Read book
[21:04:50] <brother-> you open the book. this might be a future path to travel
[21:05:05] <mark76> Drink beer
[21:05:35] <brother-> you open a cold beer. the heat from the fire is not touching you any more. +1 hp
[21:05:52] <mark76> Examine book
[21:06:46] <brother-> you start reading the preface. ”the assignment of today was to start travelling a down a new path. this path will lead to glory and fame, it will not be easy though. continue and you will find out how to solve the mysteries of life”
[21:07:03] <mark76> turn page
[21:08:25] <brother-> at the new page you discover the very truth about the new path. it has to be written, the door at E swings open and you notice that the outside world has changed. it’s not what you left, the new world is waiting for you.
[21:08:52] <mark76> Go east
[21:09:15] <brother-> you approach the door and see green lands, trees and a small road leading away somewhere
[21:09:24] <mark76> Go east
[21:10:27] <brother-> you leave the room. the new world is accepting you this is the end of the game. thanks for playing, you found the clues to the new life. never think that anything is impossible again.
[21:10:41] <brother-> \o/

So this was a wink towards one of those text based games. It turned out great. Seems though that mark76 wanted to continue when I ended the game.

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