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A drop in completed translations

Posted in Datorer, l10n, lxde by Martin Bagge / brother on 8/6 2009

Hi everyone
Time for another motivator, aka the statistics update for LXDE.
Two weeks ago we had 13 languages completed, since a update in LXPanel we obviously had a drop in the numbers for this update.
Arabic, Portugese, Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian is completed (930 million speakers in total with English).
In the runners up category (90%+ done) we have 755 million speakers for German, Danish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portugese, Slovak, Slovenian, Urdu (and Urdu as spoken in Pakistan). Most notable in this category is the addition of Hungarian as an almost complete translation only missing some strings in PCManFM (note: no access to that repository?).

And in the field of need work not much has happened the last two weeks. We have added Begali as a new language just some days ago and the total number of speakers in this category is in range of 500+ million people.
Afrikaans, Bulgarian, Bengali, Persian, Galician, Malayam, Norweigan (Bokmål and Nynorsk), Pashto, Turkish and Vietnamese.

For the time being I can not see that any particular component or language needs special attention. Keep the good work up and try to finish your translations. No release seems to be imminent though.
For the real time statistics see the pootle index page, read the crash course if you want to start doing some translations.

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