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Biweekly statistics update! (redux)

Posted in Datorer, l10n, lxde by Martin Bagge / brother on 6/5 2009

(as long as I can not send e-mails to the translation mailing list I’ll use the planet to communicate these =))

Hi everyone!


There have been alot of changes in the repository and some minor changes in the strings affecting translations.
This is the minor update, in the last two weeks we have had a change in the landscape of complete and semi complete translations. Polish have dropped to the runners up, only lacking an update to LXPanel.

We had English, Polish and Swedish completed two weeks ago, totaling 685 million speakers. By now we have Arabic, English, Spanish, Japanese and Swedish complete. The total number of speakers is 998 million!

In the runners up we have 494 million speakers, Danish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portugese (Brazilian), Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian. All these are 90% or more done.

By the skyrocketing move for Russian (in range of 80%) I have moved them out of the category for ”needs work” and we only have around 330 million speakers left there.

Big up to Turkish, we hope to see some progress there before the next large update.

More info: http://pootle.lxde.bsnet.se/projects/lxde/ and http://wiki.lxde.org/en/Pootle_crash_course

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