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LXDE, pootle finally!

Posted in l10n, lxde by Martin Bagge / brother on 11/2 2009

In November and December there were an short discussion about what tool to use for l10n in LXDE. A poll was constructed (a bad decision path however) and Transifex locally hosted was the winner. Then nothing happened. Some people did try to restart the discussion and come to a solution but still noone made an effort to make it work.

As the days go by more and more languages got completed even when there where no easy to use tool available. This lead me to setup a server for the sole purpose to host some l10n tool for LXDE. Installed the server for two weeks ago or something but didn’t manage to get to the interesting part and install some software. The original plan was to host both a Transifex anda Pootle install so anyone could pick as they prefered. I have only finished the Pootle install and it was messy enough and my time is still short.

Well. If you are intrereseted to give the Pootle install a try, e-mail me at brother@bsnet.se or get in contact by IRC (oftc #lxde as br0ther- for sure but other networks could work). As of now only Swedish is using the actual files from SVN and there are no magic I have to run all updates manually.

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