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The naming scheme meme

Posted in Datorer by Martin Bagge / brother on 14/9 2008

Bubulle pointed me to Madduck’s post about naming scheme. I saw it earlier but didn’t read it that close – apperently it has spread through Planet Debian and at least on to Planet Ubuntu – good work =)

However, this is my contribution.

Running hosts:
Sputnik – The main webserver, badly damage with the hard drive failure last autumn.
Zond – My main workstation
Salyut – My main shell box, mail reading and IRC
Laika – The windows box, forgot the login. It boots up when the electricity is flaky.
Kometa – The iPhone
Mir – Wifi access point
Voshkod and Lunokhod – Fon routers
Vostok – Wippie router

Dead hosts:
Sputnik II

Gosteleradio is the only one that’s outside the naming scheme (Soviet space programme) – the host was part of a video relay we were working on and all hosts was named after TV companies. Gosteleradio was the governing body in the Soviet Union.

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